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Second International 

Therapeutic Taiji

Instructors’ Training Course

November 11-12, 2016

Presented by the US Collegiate Taiji Federation, www.collegetaiji.org

Sponsored and Hosted by the Hung Kuang University of Taichung Taiwan, www.hk.edu.tw

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Guest Lecturer

Chi-hsiu Daniel Weng, PhD

Dean of the College of Tai Chi at the University of East West Medicine.


purposes, approach, methods, development

  1. Literature of Tai-chi for Wellness and Healing: Research and experiments findings and related references

  2. The Effectives of Tai-chi for Improving balance and prevention of fall: Dr.FuZhong Li’s formula and other related literature

  3. Tai-chi techniques for therapeutic purposes:Stress reduction and insomnia; Upper limbs and shoulder/back discomfort; Lower limbs and waist/lower back discomfort; Obesity and heart disease

  4. Tai-chi for security and sustenance of Wellness: balancing and maintaining security for harmony and peace; the way of self-defense complying with the law of returning in Tai-chi with sample techniques of Tai-chi used for dealing with different distances.

  5. Cardio Tai-chi as fitness and recreational activity and remedy of inactive life: Dr.Weng’s Cardio Tai-chi methods for versatile purposes and benefits; A combination of healing and fitness, sport, and recreation in cardio Tai-chi

  6. References of Tai-chi theories techniques for healing from different styles and composition: Traditional works and modern research findings in Tai-chi for wellness and healing

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Pictures from the Inaugural Therapeutic Taiji Instructors' Training Course in 2015

About Our Organization
USCTF was formed to promote Taiji in higher educational institutions in the USA with modernized learning curriculum for students and faculty staff members.
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We hope this first project would be a beginning of cooperation among instructors and experts of Taiji. It is our mutual goal to make Taiji a standard in the academic environment, and to extend such teachings to benefit the entire society.
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USCTF offers Therapeutic Taiji seminars which offer collegiate instructors a seven hour course in Therapeutic Taiji. The attendants receive contemporary topics of Taiji for healing. Seminars are held 3-4 times a year.