About Our Organization

USCTF was formed to promote Taiji in higher educational institutions in the USA with modernized learning curriculum for students and faculty staff members. We hope this first project would be a beginning of cooperation among instructors and experts of Taiji. It is our mutual goal to make Taiji a standard in the academic environment, and to extend such teachings to benefit the entire society. 

President                                  Chi-hsiu D Weng, PhD  (Dean, College of Tai Chi, 
                                                 University of East-West Medicine
Vice President:                         Shudong Li (Stanford University); Tony Yang ( Kent State University)
Chair of Board Directors          Jason Tsou (UCLA)

Advisory Board:                          
                                                 Bryant Fong (UC Berkeley & San Francisco State University)        
                                                 Robson Campos Gutierre, PhD (Federal University of Sao Paulo - Brazil)
                                                 Roger Jahnke PhD (President, Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi)
                                                 Joe C. Kao, PhD (President, National Taiwan Sport University)  
                                                 Eric L. Kohatsu, PhD (California State University, Los Angeles)
                                                 Doreen Simmons, PhD (CEO, UEWM)
                                                 Peter Wayne, PhD (Director, Research Center of 
                                                               Integrated Medicine, Harvard Medical School)
                                                 Anthony Wong (Stanford University)
Brazil Chapter:                           Grandmaster Wing Kay Li

Treasurer:                                   Dr. Andy Huang, DAOM, Diplomats of Oriental Medicine
Secretary General:                     Dr. Andy Huang, DAOM, Diplomats of Oriental Medicine
Assistants Secretary General:    Dr. Timothy Tin (UEWM), Professor Tatiana Perfilov (SJSU)
Secretaries:                                Dr. Tze-yue Gigi Hu, Christian Sy
Public Relationship:                    James Yu, PhD
Certification Committee:             Yunnie Yang, PhD
Training Committee:                   Dr. Frank Chang, DAOM; Carl Patience
Learning Materials Committee:  Dr. Amy Chan (UEWM) 
Fundraising Committee:             TBD

Dr. Andy Huang, Dr. Frank Chang, Dr. Veaceslav Vlass, Master Shu Dong Li, Dr. Chi-hsiu Weng, Dr. Ying Qiu Wang, Dr. Kenneth MacKay, Dr. Yunnie, Yang, and Master Bryant Fong.

Master Jason Tsou 

At the Whitcomb Hotel in San Francisco, the 15th World Qigong Congress gathered to present awards to Dr. Chi-hsiu Daniel Weng and Dr. Peter Wayne, this day in 2013.
Master of Taiji of the Year : Dr. Chi-hsiu Daniel Weng, Cheng Style Taiji
Researcher of the Year : Dr. Peter Wayne, author of the Harvard Medical School Guide to Taiji

Dr. Doreen Simmons