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2019 September US Collegiate Taiji Federation Continuing Education for LAcs - 16 units

2019 September US Collegiate Taiji Federation Continuing Education for LAcs - 16 units

The US Collegiate Federation Taiji Federation is an approved provider of continuing education for California licensed acupuncturists. This is an excellent opportunity to increase your knowledge of
medicine and learn more about health and healing.

Seminar Number: CEU 1308/9084
Category Number: 1; Units of Continue Education: 16 hours
This Course has approval from California Acupuncture Board, NCCAOM, and iMTQA
Title: Therapeutic Medical Taiji
Instructor: Professor Chi-hsiu D Weng, Ph.D.; Timothy Tin, LAc.; Dr. Andy Huang, DAOM, LAc.

Date:- 09/21/19 CEU 1308

Topics : History of Therapeutic Taiji; Stress Reduction and Meditation;Moving for Better Balance; Taiji Movement For Arthritis

Fee:- $50 for 8 Units 

Time 8am -12pm to 1pm - 5pm

Date :-09/22/19 CEU 1308 

Topics:- Cardio Taiji and Weight Control; Principles of Recreational Taiji and Methods; Creating Progressive, Self Learning Taiji Programs.

Fee:- $50 for 8 Units 

Time 8am -12pm to 1pm - 5pm

Total number of day: 2 days, Total class time: 16 hours, Unit: 16 units, Fee: $100

Refund Policy: Full refund if Provider cancels or Students cancels within 30 days after registration

Location: 595 Lawrence Expressway, Sunnyvale,, CA. 94085 Tel: 408-836-3459

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Background description:

Professor Chi-Hsiu D. Weng, Ph.D. Dean of College of Tai Chi at UEWM
Dr. Weng earned his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in 1987. He was an invited
speaker on Tai -chi in 1988 Olympic Scientific Congress, Soul Korea, the Director of
Research Center of Chinese Martial Arts at National College of Physical Education (1989) in
Taiwan. Dr. Weng became an invited visiting professor at San Jose State University in 1991.
He started teaching at UEWM in 1995, established the College of Tai Chi and produced
graduated with Degree of Master of Tai chi since 2008. Dr. Weng is the founder of Cardio
Tai-chi and US Collegiate Taiji Federation. In 2011 the Ministry of Education of Taiwan
invited him to produce an Online University Open Course of Cardio Tai-chi to offer
students and general public using as a text for health and wellness maintenance.

For More Information
Dr. Chi-Hsiu D Wen
(408) 836-3459

College Taiji Admin,
Sep 12, 2019, 12:35 PM