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Happy Year of the Monkey! 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

posted Feb 7, 2016, 9:34 PM by College Taiji Admin   [ updated Dec 5, 2016, 11:40 AM ]
(image credit to the CDBF! A lovely illustration)

Notes from the Board Meeting, January 29 2016

  1. ~6,000$ in Donations were received since 2012 from Eddie Yuan and Division of Education at TECO plus $500 from the November Taiwan Seminars. Closing the calendar year, the USCTF is in the black, no debts.
  2. Hung-kuang University in Taichung, and Kang-Ning University are inviting USCTF to teach seminars in 2016. Dr. Chi-Hsiu Daniel Weng, Dr. Frank Chang, and Dr. Andy Huang are nominated to go.
  3. Dr. Tze-yue Gigi Hu is in Singapore representing USCTF.
  4. Dr. Timothy Tin and Professor Tatiana Perfilov are reviewing data from Dr. Tin's Cardio Kungfu experiment in Southern California.
  5. USCTF is planning to compete in CMAT24, and help selecting athletes for 2017 Universaide (World University Games) in Taiwan, and go to Rome for International Shuai Jiao Tournament in 2016.
  6. The attendees have voted for the new Board Members for 2016:
    • Chair Professor Jason Tsou (UCLA)
    • President Dr. Chi-Hsiu Daniel Weng (SJSU)
    • Secretary General Dr. Andy Huang (UEWM)
    • Assistant Secretary General Dr. Timothy Tin(UEWM), Professor Tatiana Perfilov(SJSU)
    • Treasurer Dr. Andy Huang
    • Learning Materials Committee Chair Dr. Amy Chan(UEWM)
    • PR Dr. James Yu
    • Secretary Dr. Tze-yue Gigi Hu, Christian Sy

Board Directors elected were
1. Professor Jason Tsou Chair- UCLA re-elected
2. Dr. Ying Qiu Wang - UEWM re-elected
3. Dr. Frank Chang - UEWM re-elected
4. Dr. Amy Chan - UEWM re-elected
5. Dr. Chi Hsiu Daniel Weng - UEWM re-elected
6. Dr. Kenneth Mackay - SJSU re-elected
7. Professor Tatiana Perfilov - SJSU re-elected
8. Sifu Shu Dong Li - SJSU re-elected
9. Sifu William Dere - UC Berkeley re-elected
10. Dr. Eric Kohatsu - Cal State LA re-elected
11. Sifu Xiao Dong Yang - Akron State re-elected
12. Dr. Andy Huang - UEWM re-elected
13. Dr. Timothy Tin - UEWM elected