At Oregon Research Center
Awarded by President Ma Ying-jiu 2010
Cheng-shiu Technic University
Chinese Culture University
Dr. Weng's Recent Trip to 24th Annual Great Lakes Kung-Fu and Shuai Chiao Tournament
Dr. Weng's Trip to Asia 11/25/12/1/2015
First International Therapeutic Taiji Instructor's Training Course
Happy Year of the Monkey! 2016 Board Meeting Minutes
IMTQA 2019
International Invitations for 2015 Seminar
June issue 2012 Kungfu/Taichi magazine article about USCTF
KEST 1450 AM Radio Interview with Dr. Weng
Photos from the International Taiji Seminar - 2015 February
Pictures from Therapeutic Taiji Training Course, Spring 2016
Preparing for 2015 February!
Save the Date: Next Seminar in July 2015
Second International Therapeutic Taiji Instructors’ Training Course November 11-12, 2016
Seminar Schedule for February 7-8
Seminar Schedule for July 26, 2015
Taipei Academy of Physical Education
Therapeutic Taiji April 2014
Therapeutic Taiji December 2013
Therapeutic Taiji June 2014
Therapeutic Taiji on July 21, 2013
UCLA, Department of World Arts and Culture
USCTF and UEWM at CMAT UC Berkeley 2016
USCTF Therapeutic Taiji Training Course, Fall 2016
USCTF Therapeutic Taiji Training Course, Spring 2016
USCTF Therapeutic Taiji Training Course, Winter 2015
What is Cardio Tai Chi?
Winter 2015 Course photos
with Dr. Peter Wayne, author of Harvard Medical Guide to Tai Chi
With Vice President Chinese Health Qigong Association, Lu Shi-ming
台灣國立體育大學校長高俊雄周末來到灣區 訪問姊妹校國際醫藥大學及拜會本地體壇名宿蔡敏忠創校校長
台灣體大校長 盼引入中醫與太極
台灣體大校長 高俊雄訪灣區
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