USCTF 2021 Medical Taiji Trainer's Certification Course 7/31-8/1

Organizer: US Collegiate Taiji Federation 
Time: 7/31 Saturday and 8/1  Sunday  9:30am -5:30pm
Place: Virtual zoom meeting
To Introduce health field professionals knowledge and methods of applying Taiji theories and skills for maintenance of wellness as well as therapeutic exercises for certain symptoms and disease.

Course Content:
Taiji theories applied in diagnose and treatment for certain symptoms and disease. Learning materials include : combined modern wellness concepts, training method and Taiji theories with evidence proven applications for wellness maintenance, certain symptoms, disease such as stress,anxiety, insomnia, depression, hypertension, impaired balance, muscle pain, poor coordination, etc.

Prerequisite: Persons who has or is currently undertaking Taiji courses at an educational institutes or has been training Taiji for at least three months. 
Join the medical Taiji workshop on 7/31-8/1 to be certified to become a trainer in clinic! 
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Course Fee: 1)$150.00 for class, 2) $50.00 for certificate (optional)       

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             deadline: July 28, 2021       

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