2020 US Collegiate Taiji Federation Continuing Education for 16 LAc Units

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 Greetings! You are invited to participate in a online training course on Therapeutic Taijji (Tai-chi) organized by the US Collegiate Taiji Federation (USCTF). The Therapeutic Taiji course will be held on September 12-13, 2020 at the University of East-West Medicine (UEWM) in Sunnyvale, CA.

    You are invited as an instructor or practitioner of Taiji interested in the benefit of Taiji for self-healing and rehabilitation, and this sixteen-hour course will offer insights of therapeutic Taiji and Integrative Medicine. The objective is to update attendants of this course on the contemporary topics of Taiji for healing and provide resource materials so they can integrate the topics into their teachings.

    USCTF was formed to promote Taiji in higher educational institutions in the USA with modernized learning curriculum for students and faculty staff members. We hope this project would be a beginning of cooperation among instructors and experts of Taiji and all Martial Arts in the world. It is our mutual goal to make Taiji a standard in the academic environment, and to extend such teachings to benefit the entire society.

     A certificate of completion of the course will be issued to the paid participants at the end of the course by US Collegiate Taiji Federation / UEWM. The 16 CEU credits or PDA points are provided for licensed acupuncturist who registered and paid in advance, as detailed in www.collegeTaiji.org

    Please register on website before deadline 9/10.



1) Dr. Chi-hsiu D Weng, Ph.D., President of US Collegiate Taiji Federation; Director, Center for Integrative Medicine (CIM) at UEWM; Professor of San Jose State University; 


2) Dr. Andy Huang, DAOM, LAc., Vice President, Secretary General USCTF;


3) Dr. Clark Harris, DAOM, LAc.  Dean of Academic Affairs, UEWM


4) Dr. Cindy Zheng-Huang, MPH. Member, Research Committee CIM, UEWM 


5) Dr. Timothy, DAOM, LAc.  Professor of Alhambra Medical University, Member, Research Committee CIM, UEWM


6) Dr. Shudong Li, Ph.D., former Vice Chair of World Health Qigong Federation; Member of California   Acupuncture Board; Former Tai-chi instructor, Stanford University


7) Professor Bryant Fong, Professor, UC Berkeley; Director, Wushu program


8)  Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD., Chair of the Qi Cultivation Department at Santa Barbara College of

Oriental Medicine; Co-founder and chair of the National Qigong Association.


Date: Saturday 9/12/20 and Sunday 9/13/20           Time: 9am - 5pm              Tel: 408-733-1878

Place: University of East-West Medicine, 595 Lawrence Expressway, Sunnyvale, CA 94085       (online. please check your e-mail by 9/11 for password)

CEU / PDA and certification Fee: $120                                                                                               

  (for LAc, please register and pay in advance online, and Sign in at 8:45 am)

Please register on website and pay by Paypal :drcweng@aol.com

or send a check payable to USCTF  ( mail out before 9/6)  PO Box 1221 Cupertino , CA 95015 






2020 USCTF Continuing Education 16 LAc Units


Course Agenda (Online Class)    

September 12th, Saturday


8:30 am               Registration and Sign-in

8:45 am               Opening Ceremony ( Dr. Eric Tao, Chair USCTF )

9:00 am               History of Tai-chi for Therapy by Dr. Andy Huang           

10:00 am             Tai-chi for pain relief by Dr. Shudong Li


12:00 noon             Lunch


1:00 pm               Prevention of Injury from Falls Complying with Tai-chi

                               by Dr. C D Weng, 

3:00 pm               Cardio Tai-chi for Wellness by Dr. Timothy Tin

5:00 pm               Closing of Day 1


September 13th, Sunday

 9:00 am              Therapeutic Tai-chi Technique Design by Dr. C D Weng,

11:00 am             Eight Brocades and Health     by Dr. Cindy Zheng-Huang


12:00 noon         Lunch


1:00 pm               The Healing Promise of Qi by Dr. Roger Jahnke

2:00 pm               Qigong methods by Dr. Clark Harris

3:00pm                Tai-chi for Arthritis by Professor Bryant Fong                    

5:00 pm               Closing of Day 2, Issuing Certificates




For more information:  www.collegeTaiji.org  Dr. C D Weng drcweng@aol.com 408-836-3459