CEU Course

Instructors Introduction

Our instructors are all from renowned universities, such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, Santa Barbara College, San Jose State University etc. They have many years of hands-on experience in teaching Taiji/Qigong area as well as applying Taiji/Qigong into medical field. 

Course Schedule on 10/14/2023

On 10/14/2023, our instructors will introduce Medical Taiji history and development, Cardio Taiji and Wellness, Mind and Body Cultivation, as well as traditional Taiji/Qigong set

Course Schedule on 10/15/2023

On 10/15/2023, our instructors will introduce Qigong for Medical Taiji, how to use Taiji principle to prevent injury from falls, the prevalent Qigong set Eight Brocades, Taiji for Arthritis with over 30 years experience Prof. Fong, and how to use Taiji in self-defense.