USCTF and UEWM at CMAT UC Berkeley 2016

Post date: Mar 18, 2016 8:35:54 PM

"UEWM Tai Chi Team captured 3 gold and 5 Silver medals form 24th CMAT at UC Berkeley 3/12/2016" 

Participating in the annual 24th Chinese Martial Art Tournament at UC Berkeley, the UEWM Tai Chi Club Team captured 3 gold and 5 silver medals together. The Club members winning medals are: Dr.Timothy Tin (student of DAO and College of Tai Chi)- two gold medals (Long weapon, and staff); Kino Tseng(TCM)-one gold and one silver medals( Taiji individual and group  event); Shenglan Huang and Ming-lan Kang (TCM)--both won Silver Medals from Taiji group event.


Out of more than 400 athletes form all over USA and some foreign countries UEWM Tai Chi Club team has gained fruitful result in a row of three years. Some UEWM students led by Register Officer Anna Yang were at site doing community service  for the event with health consultations and pain releasing massage treatment to many attendants and staff at UC Berkeley(see pictures). 




Chi-hsiu D.Weng,Ph.D.

Ming-Lan Kang, Dr Owen Lum, Kino Tseng, David Lee, Shenglan Huang

The UEWM booth and Cupertino team

Chi Ling Chiu (link) visits the UEWM Booth