Dr. Weng's Trip to Asia 11/25/12/1/2015

Post date: Dec 07, 2015 4:3:56 PM

A recent trip to Asia by Dr.Chi-hsiu D Weng, Dean of College of Tai Chi has fruitful results:

1)  Meeting with the Chief of Shuaijiao (Chinese Wrestling) in China ,Pang Guaoxing about the !st USA International Shuaijiao Tournament to be held in Silicon Valley 2017 with 15 countries     participating.( Photo #1 a gift of tea set given by Chief Pang in China National Sport Administration Headquarter, Beijing 11/30)

2) Establishing sister school academic exchanging Program with Kang Ning University in Taipei ( Photo #2 group picture with Vice President  and administrators of KNU 11/27).

3) Conducted a successful US Collegiate Taiji Federation  Therapeutic Taiji Instructor's Training Course at Hung-kuang University in Taichung. (Photos of group shot after the course is over 11/29)

Some future projects for 2016 to be taking place include: Training course to be hosted in Taiwan and Inner Mongolia next Spring , and delegations from KNU and HKU visiting UEWM next summer to study some short  courses and certificate program in Therapeutic Taiji.